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The Security Camera is used with the Computer to allow you to view parts of your base using a computer terminal without actually going there. Computers do not record; rather, they allow the player to access certain views of their base with a simple click. Additionally, the Security Camera offers several options for viewing, such as panning the camera, night vision, player highlights, and more.

Setting up the Computer[]

The first thing you will need to access your Security Camera is a Computer. This can be crafted:

Computer Crafting.png

Next, you'll need to place your Computer in a spot where you'd like to be able to easily access it. Computer Screenshot.png

Setting up the Camera Group[]

The next thing you will need to access your Security Camera is a Camera Group. Run the following command

/cctv group create

to create a new Camera Group. You will receive a message indicating the index of your camera group:

Camera Group created.png

Optionally, you can specify a name:

/cctv group create <name>

Be sure to note the ID/name of your group! You will need it to add your camera. If you forget your camera group's ID, use /cctv group list to list out all of the group names.

Add the Group to the Computer[]

Next, you'll need to assign the computer's associated camera group. Right-click on the computer to open its GUI.

Left-click the top-left icon that has the hover text "Options":

Computer Tutorial Pt1.png

Next, click the chest-icon with the hover text "Set CameraGroup":

Camera Tutorial pt2.png

Locate the camera that has your Camera Group on it. Left-click to set the camera group:

Computer Tutorial Pt3.png

Setting up the Camera[]

The final step is to prepare the camera. You'll need to craft one:

Security Camera Crafting.png

Place the camera on any block by right-clicking:

Camera Screenshot.png

Note that when the camera is placed, you'll receive a message with the unique camera ID.

Camera Tutorial Pt1.png

Add the camera to the group created previously using the command

/cctv group add <group name/id> <camera id>

like so:

Camera Tutorial Pt3.png

Now, click the computer. A camera should appear on the GUI! Click it to use it.

Camera Tutorial Pt4.png

To exit the camera view, crouch (shift) or use the exit item in slot 9 of the hotbar.

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