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An End Essence item

End Essence is a vital material dropped from all mobs in the End Boss Rushes. It is an ingredient in several key crafting recipes.


Magic Shards can be earned by killing any mob in the End Boss Rushes.

End Essence Drops
Mob Drop Chance Drop Amount
Any Boss Rush Mob 3-15% 1
Any Boss Rush Boss 100% 2


End Essence is used to craft the End Ingot, Beacon Rod, and Ethereal Essence.


Recipes Using this Material[]
1x End Ingot
Material Amount
Netherite Ingot 1x
End Essence 8x

End Essence recipe.png

1x Beacon Rod
Material Amount
End Rod 3x
End Essence 2x

End Rod recipe.png

1x Ethereal Essence
Material Amount
End Essence 5x
Rotten Pork 2x
Tarantula Web 2x
Ethereal Essence recipe.png