Characterlim Ages Wiki
Hey there, and welcome to the Characterlim wiki. There's all sorts of fun things to see here! So let's get started.

Characterlim Ages is a towny server created by CodeSenseiBen and continues to run with the help of his wonderful staff. With all sorts of neat plugins, an activity filled spawn and a player based economy, Characterlim Ages is truly a server you can get lost in.


There are 6 classes you can choose from:

Survivalist, Druid, Knight, Barbarian, Mage and Rogue


Each Class comes with it's own set of quests for you to work through! Level up and gain epic rewards.


As you work your way through your world, each action you do contributes to a skill. As you continue to craft, mine or even fall, you will level up and gain new skills to make your experience more rewarding.


Characterlim is a towny server, meaning you can join or create your own towns and join together to form powerful nations.

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